London was the global leader in Financial Services in the world from 1950 to 2021. What to take a wild guess as to what happened? London, which drives the prosperity of the entire UK, is now losing its world leadership status. Unless we act SWIFTLY, we won’t get it back

The Politicians Messed up Brexit

After 5 years of planning, negotiating and promising, Brexit has delivered…precisely none of what was promised

What was billed as “Project Fear” in 2016 can now be seen as having broken Britain – clearly Brexit isn’t working

Broken Promises

  • £350m per week to the NHS
  • Easiest trade deal in history
  • A Brexit dividend to all households
  • Frictionless & tariff free trade
  • Reduced bureaucracy
  • Northern Ireland “absolutely unchanged”
  • Boost for Britain’s fishing industry
  • Protection for farmers
  • Cut VAT on electricity bills saving £64 /house
  • Higher wages
  • Continued collaboration on science & technology with EU bodies

Impact on us

  • Businesses moving abroad
  • Restricted choice and empty shelves in supermarkets
  • Rotten fish sitting on docks
  • Passports for lorries to enter Kent
  • Entertainers prevented for performing for fans abroad
  • Surprise tax charges on packages arriving from Europe
  • Hate crime up 41% in wake of Brexit vote
  • 20% wiped off the value of UK plc and never recovered
  • More expensive holidays abroad
  • Unexpected medical bills when travelling abroad

Benefits we miss

  • Freedom of movement
  • Limit to  employer exploitation
  • High food standards without chlorinated chicken or Frankenstein burgers
  • Animal welfare protection
  • Protection from terrorists
  • European Social regeneration funding for most deprived areas
  • Protection of property rights
  • Access to the biggest market for goods & services on the planet
  • Co-ordinated action to improve the environment
  • Reduced sewage emissions

We can still stand up to this mess.

We will show the politicians that Londoners are not taking Brexit lying down.