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My Simple Message

Give a voice to Londoner’s abandoned by the Government.  Be the leading advocate for Rejoining the EU.
Found a global “City of Tolerance” designation boosting tourism and make ALL citizens feel safe and welcome in their own city
Provide administrative & financial support to London artists & musicians looking to perform across the EU
Work tirelessly to restore London as the service centre for Europe.
Support action against any mayor, deputy mayor or assembly member deliberately misleading the public.

City Jobs

London was the global leader in Financial Services in the world from 1950 to 2021.

What to take a wild guess as to what happened?

London Culture

In the 90’s Brit Pop lit up the world, the continent and dominated global musical culture.

Now Britain’s artists are struggling to get visas.

Your Children

For 54,000 students in 2019, the Erasmus scheme gave the ability to study a year abroad, learn a new language and immerse themselves in a new culture.

Your children have been deprived of this opportunity.


10% of Londoners are EU citizens. We want everyone to feel welcomed, safe and valued as part of the community.

No more Brexit racism!

“The great thing about the London mayoral election is that Londoners can safely register their support for Rejoining the EU by backing Richard with thier first vote and then using their second vote elsewhere”

Andrew Smith

Party Chairman


Q. If I vote for you for mayor is there a danger I’ll split the vote?

A. No – you can vote for 2 candidates for mayor, so you can put a ‘1’ to reflect who you’d like to be mayor in an ideal world and a ‘2’ next to the person you prefer from the top 2 candidates.

Q. So why shouldn’t I vote for Sadiq Khan ‘1’ and for Rejoin EU ‘2’?

A. If you vote for Sadiq as 1, your second vote won’t be counted if he is one of the top 2 candidates. Giving the mayor your ‘1’ gives him your unqualified support, giving him your ‘2’ shows him that you prefer him to the other option, but you want him to listen to where his support came from (i.e. where you gave your ‘1’ – hopefully the Rejoin EU Party).

Q. How can I be sure Sadiq will be one of the top 2 candidates at the time I cast my vote?

A. You can’t be absolutely sure, but look at the opinion polls in the last week of the election campaign for guidance. With the polls as they stand at the moment it would be extremely unlikely he’s outside the top 2.