The Rejoin list is the only proper pro-European list

The Long Road

The path to Rejoining the EU is a long one, but it is something deep down we all know we need to embark upon.

It’s becoming more and more clear now, Brexit just isn’t working. The London Elections are run using a form of proportional representation meaning that this is the best election shot we have at showing the country that we are still European without splitting the vote.

This list is supported by Volt UK

Volt is Britain’s pan-European party bringing Europe closer to citizens regardless of Brexit.

Volt UK Logo

We will hold the Mayor to account.

Whoever is elected must listen to Londoners. In 2016, 2017 and 2019 London overwhelmingly voted for an open, tolerant and European city.

The new Mayor must collaborate and connect with Europe to:

  • Rebuild London’s financial services after their Brexit shock to ensure jobs are available for our future generations
  • Assist our unique performing arts sector to make sure they can keep on performing globally
  • Restore London’s reputation as a tolerant, open and welcoming city in the face of rising xenophobia.
  • Demand that Erasmus is restored at the first opportunity and until it has been support London’s student population make the most of their education

Our Joint List is:


We are a list of people from across the political spectrum supported by people from many other parties like Volt UK.

Deeply Committed

People may say that Brexit is over. We know we have a hard fight but Britain must be European again.


London is diverse and so are we. We have encouraged people of all backgrounds to run.

Be bold – Vote for London – Vote Rejoin EU

FAQ – We’re not Splitting the Vote!

Q. Do I just vote for one party?

A. No, for this you indicate just one party to represent your views on the London list, and a candidate to represent you in the London constituency ballot

Q. How can I make sure that I don’t let the Tories in then?

A. By voting for ANY party other than the Tories on the London list! London uses a supplementary vote system meaning seats will be allocated based on the total cast for each party. Any non-Tory vote reduces the chance of them being allocated a seat.

Q. But what if I want a Labour party representative speaking for me on the London assembly?

A. Then you should vote for the Labour candidate on your CONSTITUENCY ballot slip. We are NOT standing in these seats, which are counted under the first past the post system. It’s not a perfect system, but again you effectively get 2 votes. You can send a strong Pro-EU message by voting for us on the London list election, and a Labour candidate if you so choose on the constituency ballot.

Check out our London Assembly Seat Simulator.