We want to Rejoin the EU

Why? The EU was never just a trading bloc. Our membership of the EU underpinned the basic health of our society. Far from being a single issue separated from other policies, playing an active part in the EU brought us workers rights, action on climate change and higher environmental standards, legislation against hate and a culture of celebrating diversity, guarantees on the standards of products we buy, consumer rights, etc. This isn’t about membership of a club, it’s about reclaiming our way of life.

Brexit isn’t Working

After 5 years of planning, negotiating and promising, Brexit has delivered…precisely none of what was promised

What was billed as “Project Fear” in 2016 can now be seen as having broken Britain – clearly Brexit isn’t working

Lorry Drivers queue at Ashford on the 14th January for 2.5 hours to cross the border. Taken by a Volt UK campaigner.
(Pro-European Campaigning in 2019)

We are driven by values, not personal gain.

London has been one of the leading cities on Earth for high standards in its service industry, tolerance of people from all backgrounds in life, and the wealth of opportunities socially, artistically & financially it offers.  But Brexit has broken Britain.

We need to fix this for the next generation as well as ours.

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The UK’s Pan-European Party and Movement

At Volt, we connect citizens from all over Europe into a united political force to find real solutions to the challenges of today and tomorrow that no single country can solve alone.

We are more than just a party, we are a movement shaping the future for our communities, our Britain and our Europe.




If elected Mayor I will focus on repairing the damage leaving the EU has done and renewing our status not only as a global city, but the leading city in Europe

Richard Hewison, Rejoin Party Leader

The great thing about the London mayoral election is that Londoners can safely register their support for Rejoining the EU by putting a ‘1’ next to our candidate and then using their second vote to make a difference as to who is actually elected mayor

Andrew Smith, Party Chairman

Are you ready to step up and join us?

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Supporting Rejoin Doesn’t Mean Splitting the Vote

Not for the Mayor. You can vote for 2 candidates for mayor, so you can put a ‘1’ to reflect who you’d like to be mayor in an ideal world (The Rejoin EU Party) and a ‘2’ next to the person you prefer from the top 2 candidates.

Neither for the Assembly List. Voting for Rejoin on the proportional representational top up list does not split the vote, seats will be allocated based on the total cast for each party. A vote for Rejoin is a Vote against the Brexiters! Don’t forget the Constituencies are different and we aren’t standing here.

Can we count on your support in May?

Can we send a collective message loud and clear to the main parties?

Could I ask you a difficult question?

Are you prepared to let extremists get away with taking away the rights and freedoms you once enjoyed. Will you let them get away with taking your children’s futures?

I understand you are busy, and times are tight, but I need to ask you for a donation. We are running this campaign on next to nothing, we are digging deep in our own pockets.

I can’t sit still and watch my children’s rights be ripped away from them. Will you join me and put a small donation towards this campaign?

Thank you for your support, I really appreciate it. I’m not a politician, I never thought I’d need to do this but here we are. Let’s get our futures back.

Kind Regards

Richard Hewison