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London Belongs In Europe.

We are not bystanders. We are fighting for a better future. We are fighting to Rejoin the EU.

Why are we campaigning for London to Rejoin the EU?

London voted strongly against Brexit. It is being more directly damaged by Brexit than any other part of the country, given Brexit’s impact upon financial, legal and ancillary services, creative industries and higher education and research, and as the core of UK wealth creation and thus tax base, is being expected to pay for Brexit.

We need to change the agenda now.

London Demands Better

Fix our staffing and food crisis
London’s crippled hospitality industry is unable to recruit more staff. Food in the shops has risen in cost and shows no sign of stopping. If politicians are unable to fix it a new campaign is needed.
Reconnect London to the Future
London is fantastic, it has much more to give however. Being part of the world's leading international movement London can be at the forefront of everything. That includes in the defence against Russia.

Why can’t we wait?

The degree of change required to facilitate a return to the European Union is significant. While the scale of such a task may be depressing, the level of damage that Brexit is having on London necessitates an urgent effort to save our very way of life and to build a better London. 

Staffing shortages and food shortages within London are crippling London’s covid recovery. Without a change of direction London will shrink economically, culturally and socially. It will take decades to rebuild.

The business now being lost to the City of London, which seems certain to eventually destroy its status as the principal financial services centre in Europe, will be very difficult, if not impossible, to recover.

Many call for us to bide our time. They say that people will change their minds over time naturally. 

Given the revolution in English attitudes which rejoining the EU requires, it is most unlikely such a shift can occur soon enough to avoid the massive, and perhaps terminal damage to the UK that Brexit has set in motion. That is unless we change our strategy. 

We need a new young and bold campaign to get London back into the EU.

Rejoin is both Realistic and Possible

At best other campaigns are awaiting public opinion to shift on its own to a more pro-EU position, biding their time with proposals only for a more co-operative tone towards Europe than for Rejoin. 

We are calling for a more radical strategy to accelerate Rejoin to prevent irreversible damage in London. 

Will you join us?

London isn’t going to stand by and watch Brexit ruin it.

May I ask you a difficult question?

Are you prepared to let extremists get away with taking away the rights and freedoms you once enjoyed. Will you let them get away with taking your children’s futures?

I understand you are busy, and times are tight, but I need to ask you for your support.

I can’t sit still and watch my rights be ripped away from my generation. Will you join me and sign up to our campaign towards this campaign?

Thank you for your support, I really appreciate it. I’m not a politician, I never thought I’d need to do this but here we are. Let’s get our futures back.

Kind Regards

Rejoin EU London Team